Note: Due to limited resources, only our lunch menu is available during shelter-in-place. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We’re now available for takeout! Call us at (669) 235-5688. Alternately, order online for delivery via GrubHub, DoorDash or UberEats.

Hot Pot

Original Mongolian … $16.99

Spicy Mongolian … $16.99
This item cannot be made vegetarian.

Kimchi Cheese … $16.99

Flavorful Vegetable Broth … $15.99

Taiwanese Curry … $15.99

Japanese Miso … $15.99

Cheesy Milk … $16.99

Bentos & Appetizers

Chicken Steak Bento
Mah-Lah Pork Rice

Chicken Steak Rice Bento … $11.99
If you’re a fan of our fried chicken steak and want to pair it with rice and vegetables to make it into a meal, this bento box is for you!

Popcorn Chicken Rice Bento … $11.99
Now instead of chicken steak, you also have the option of pairing it with our famous popcorn chicken instead!

Mah-Lah Pork Rice … $11.99
We season and flavor the pork with our house-made mah-lah sauce (comes with rice and vegetables). Pork comes out to be super tender and flavorful!

Minced Pork Rice… $9.99
For our lu rou fan connoisseurs! 100% authentic 🙂

Stewed Mah-Lah Tofu (SPICY) … $3.50
If you want an appetizer that’s not fried, this is a yummi option! We marinate our tofu in our house-made mah-lah sauce and this comes with 4 pieces. If you’re a fan of our spicy Mongolian broth, you’ll like this too. (cannot be made non-spicy)

Teas and Drinks

Our two most popular drinks

Specialty Teas

Blackcurrant Tea … $4.75
White pearls and blackcurrant tea (berry flavor).

Jinshuan Oolong Tea … $4.50

Purple Butterfly Lemon Green Tea … $4.75
White pearls, butterfly pea flower, jasmine green tea and fresh lemon juice.

Hong Kong Lemon Tea … $4.50
Earl grey black tea and lemon slices.

Peach Oolong Tea … $4.50
Peach bits, peach puree and jinshuan oolong tea.

Lychee Oolong Tea … $4.75
Lychee jelly, lychee puree and jinshuan oolong tea.

Yummi Cheese Tea … $4.50
Our own version of cheese. Very vanilla based.

Jasmine Green Tea … $4.50

Specialty Milk Teas

Blue Butterfly Green Milk Tea … $4.75
Black pearls, butterfly pea flower, jasmine green tea and non-dairy creamer.

Yummi Earl Grey Milk Tea … $4.50
Earl grey black tea and fresh milk.

Matcha Milk Tea … $4.50
Matcha green tea and fresh milk.

England Milk Tea … $4.75
Egg pudding, earl grey black tea and non-dairy creamer.

Oolong Milk Tea … $4.50
Jinshuan oolong tea and non-dairy creamer.

Milk Tea with Taro Pieces … $4.50
With real taro.

Specialty Drinks

Lemon soda

Lemon-Infused Soda … $4.75
With rainbow jelly and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Mango-Infused Soda … $4.75
With white pearls and mango puree.

Real Mango Slushie … $4.75
Delicious organic mangos and white pearls.

Lemon Ai-Yu … $4.75
Freshly squeezed lemon juice, ai-yu and white pearls.

Milky Way … $4.75
Fresh milk, grass jelly, red beans and black pearls.

Black Mist … $4.75
House-made grass jelly and grass jelly extract.

Fried Snacks

Popcorn chicken, our #1 snack

Popcorn Chicken … $5.50

Chicken Wings … $5.50

Japanese Yam Fries … $4.75

King Oyster Mushrooms … $4.75

Fried Tofu … $4.75

Spicy Taiwanese Chicken Steak … $6.50